Frankfurt Scavenger Hunt

During this Scavenger Hunt you get to discover Frankfurt on your own.

Run of Play:
The tour starts and ends either at our event location (Hinter dem Lämmchen 9), on the historical square Römerberg or at a restaurant nearby. One of our guides explains the rules, divides up the groups (we recommend not more than 5 people in one group) and hands out the roadbooks.

The Scavenger Hunt has 13 stops, in a radius of max. 500 meter around the historical square Römerberg. You also have the possibility to add a tasting of apple wine, Frankfurt beef sausage and/or Bethmännchen. Duration of the tour is 2,5 hours including the evaluation of the roadbooks.


Organisation/ 1 Guide € 300,00
Roadbook € 6,00
Glass Apple wine € 3,00
Beef sausage € 3,80
Bethmännchen € 1,00

In case you wish an award ceremony afterwards, we will be happy to provide you with some suggestions from our Frankfurt Shop.

Certificate € 3,00
Mini Bembel with sleeve € 5,00